LOGOS Catholic has been partners with ParishSOFT since 2011!

Since 2011, LOGOS and ParishSOFT have been working together to build great products. To better serve our people, we are no longer operating the LOGOS Catholic website. Please check out parishsoft.com for our browser-based ConnectNow Family Suite and Accounting software. If you’d like to read more about the LOGOS and ParishSOFT partnership, read the press release here.

The LOGOS brand continues primarily serving our Protestant customers with membership and accounting software. Both options can be found at the links below.

LOGOS Management Software, Inc. Launches PeopleFlow

PeopleFlow solves onboarding problems. By streamlining onboarding procedures, you save money, save time, ensure company wide HR compliance, and help protect your people.

Santa Paula, Calif. (April 12, 2011) - LOGOS Management Software, Inc. a developer of leading fund accounting and church management software, today announced it has launched PeopleFlow,a complete digital employee management solution. PeopleFlow is being launched at NACPA (National Association of Church Personnel Administrators) and was created to automate the process of onboarding for pre-hire and post-hire needs and give you a global status view of multiple physical locations.

Various elements of onboarding include but are not limited to: background verification, certification checks, task management, custom alerts, employee equipment allocation, and indoctrinization. Creating a digital database guides the process of employee and employer needs. It also eliminates paper forms and manual data entry errors and builds an organized record of employment and/or volunteer history of your people.

  •  Administrator controlled security settings for sensitive information
  • Automated background screening with outside screening agency
  • Electronic document storage and note taking
  • Automated alert/ task-based workflow
  • Real-time status of employee process information through a web-based dashboard - put status in there somehow
  • Directly interfaces with LOGOS Payroll
  • Create emails and mail merge letters directly from grids

“We’re very excited to bring a cradle to grave solution for people management,” says Tony Ferraro, Chief Visionary Officer. ”From application to termination, PeopleFlow will help your organization ensure safety, HR compliance, and better provide strategic information for enterprise people resource planning,”

Save time by streamlining your back office onboarding procedures. PeopleFlow provides the confidence of knowing the environment is secure by managing background checks, confidence that the user is in HR Compliance using automated employer folder checks and saving money by improving your organizations process efficiency.

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