LOGOS Catholic has been partners with ParishSOFT since 2011!

Since 2011, LOGOS and ParishSOFT have been working together to build great products. To better serve our people, we are no longer operating the LOGOS Catholic website. Please check out parishsoft.com for our browser-based ConnectNow Family Suite and Accounting software. If you’d like to read more about the LOGOS and ParishSOFT partnership, read the press release here.

The LOGOS brand continues primarily serving our Protestant customers with membership and accounting software. Both options can be found at the links below.


Of course, we think you should use LOGOS. However, we thought you might like to see why others chose LOGOS...


We're so excited about the LOGOS Dashboard. We love what it can do by putting the information in the hands of those who need it. Thanks LOGOS!

Paul Damerow, CPA
Diocese of Corpus Chrisi, Texas

I cannot speak highly enough about the positive working relationship we have built with the LOGOS team over the past year and a half. It has been so rewarding for me to work with a company who not only understands the non-profit world but more specifically understands "church." We are well over the halfway mark of converting all the parishes in our diocese to LOGOS II Church Management, LOGOS Accounting, and Sacramental Register and have already reaped the benefits of the ease of use and flexibility in the software. It has gone so well, in fact, the Diocese decided to convert all our data over as of the first of the year. The product support and help we have received throughout the training and conversion process from the people of LOGOS has been absolutely top notch! I look forward to our ongoing relationship with LOGOS and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Hope Burke, CFO
Diocese of Baker, Oregon

Just wanted to let you folks know that we have been using your software since 2000 and love it.  Everything runs smoothly, is well intergrated and works well on Windows or Macs that can run Windows.

Dr. Brian Kelly
San Francisco, CA

After several years of working with LOGOS, I continue to be impressed with the entire suite of LOGOS Management Software. Specifically, the security features within LOGOS Accounting are of particular importance. As a Certified Public Accountant with forensic accounting and fraud auditing experience, it is my firm opinion that general ledger accounting software needs to be secure and auditable. LOGOS Accounting delivers brilliantly on both of these requirements.

Former Diocesan Employee
Diocese of Portland, Maine

I love the Logos system and I love your tech support people.  Especially Carol.  She helped me so much and was always kind, patient and a pleasure to deal with.

Tempi Briggs
Corsicana, TX

In my experience, your people at LOGOS have a great sense of church culture and when I deal with them I feel like I am dealing with one of my fellow Church coworkers as opposed to an outside vendor who is not in tune with our culture and the way we do things. Based on my discussions with many of our 90+ bookkeepers in the Diocese of Portland, they feel the same way. Thank you for hiring these people.

Peter M. McPartland, Director of Parish Financial   Services
Diocese of Portland, Maine

Predictable, wonderful help! Winner, Top Notch!

Jim Wofford
Liberty Hill, TX

"The patience and grace that I was extended was a blessing... I felt like a customer who mattered, not an account number. Thank you for your diligence and your professionalism. They are showing excellence in their training, professionalism, and customer service. I feel good about the support we have with Logos and look forward to building our relationship in the upcoming years."

Fairfield, California

This has been a transitional year for the schools here.... Given the state of affairs, we could not close our books on June 30th of this year. We called in for support from Logos last week... and your employee was wonderful to work with. She held our hand through the entire process, she pointed us in the right direction to help us reconcile our bank statements so that we could ultimately close the books. I have been involved in the technology area for 18 years and had numerous opportunities for tech support (or the lack of) from hardware and software companies. I have never come across someone as helpful, knowledgable, kind, or personable.

Austin, Minnesota

We have, for several years, been using the LOGOS program to handle scheduling of our 135,000 square foot, 100+ room facility as well as for scheduling our five vans and busses.  Previously we were using a Microsoft program that we outgrew. Our salesmen made the transition rather painless and we have been quite happy with not only the programs but also our working relationship.

Birmingham, Alabama

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