LOGOS Catholic has been partners with ParishSOFT since 2011!

Since 2011, LOGOS and ParishSOFT have been working together to build great products. To better serve our people, we are no longer operating the LOGOS Catholic website. Please check out parishsoft.com for our browser-based ConnectNow Family Suite and Accounting software. If you’d like to read more about the LOGOS and ParishSOFT partnership, read the press release here.

The LOGOS brand continues primarily serving our Protestant customers with membership and accounting software. Both options can be found at the links below.

Logos vs. Off-the-Shelf Accounting

There are a number of critical tax and reporting reasons why a church or non-profit would want to use a customizable fund accounting program as opposed to off-the-shelf software. Take a look.

 Logos Accounting SoftwareOff-the-Shelf Software
Non-Profit Logos Accounting is a true Fund accounting system, written specifically for churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations. Logos is designed for the unique needs and reporting requirements of a non-profit ministry rather than a for-profit business. Most off-the-shelf programs are not designed for proper non-profit accounting and reporting. Trying to track multiple designated (restricted) funds can be very cumbersome and time-consuming.
Accurate Logos automates your handling of all fund activity, income, expense, and transfers between funds. Reports clearly show the status of each fund, even when the money is deposited in a single bank account.  Because most off-the-shelf programs require extensive manual effort to track activity for multiple funds, the result is a higher likelihood of errors.
Credible Credibility is paramount to a non-profit organization because the money is being managed “in trust” for the organization’s donors An off-the-shelf package is fine for managing your own money in a small business, but not when managing a non-profit organization’s money. Proper fund management is not always provided in small business or personal software.
Auditable Logos Accounting truly shines as an auditable system. Transactions are permanently stored, showing that the books are being managed appropriately. Leadership can thus easily track all transactions that have been entered. Many off-the-shelf systems for individuals or small businesses allow entries to be altered or deleted “after the fact” with no audit trail. There is often no credibility or auditability with off-the-shelf software.
Connective Logos’ full line of applications smoothes the learning curve for each added program. Logos also provides built-in connectivity between the data in its applications. When key programs used in an office are from different sources, learning to use one has little carry-over to others. Plus, the programs don’t always connect to other databases in use.
Complete A “single-source” package such as Logos streamlines support and training, enabling staff to keep on top of work flow demands.  Buying software from a mix of vendors requires multiple support contracts and multiple upgrades to provide you with a complete system. This can prove quite costly over the long run and can generate connectivity issues..
Support Logos maintains close working relationships with our member organization far beyond the initial sale of the software. We work closely with your staff to ensure your continuing success. Off-the-shelf systems require bulk sales and low customer interface to remain profitable. And support staff are unlikely to understand the unique needs of your organization’s operations.
Commitment This is what we do. Our commitment to work with your secretary or bookkeeper or treasurer is central to our mission as a company. We are committed to improving our products to meet your changing needs. Off the shelf systems simply cannot offer this type of personal service that is targeted to the unique needs of your office.