LOGOS Catholic has been partners with ParishSOFT since 2011!

Since 2011, LOGOS and ParishSOFT have been working together to build great products. To better serve our people, we are no longer operating the LOGOS Catholic website. Please check out parishsoft.com for our browser-based ConnectNow Family Suite and Accounting software. If you’d like to read more about the LOGOS and ParishSOFT partnership, read the press release here.

The LOGOS brand continues primarily serving our Protestant customers with membership and accounting software. Both options can be found at the links below.

ConnectNow Accounting: Ledger & Payables

Instantly access all church and school financial information anytime, anywhere with this true fund accounting, browser-based web application.

With its browser-based convenience, LOGOS' ConnectNow Ledger and Payables takes church accounting to new levels of ease and mobility.

Designed for use by churches and schools, Ledger and Payables connects parish staff to their accounting records online from any computer with an Internet connection. No more downloading what you think you might need at an offsite meeting and carrying your laptop along only to discover you left key figures behind. Simply use any available Internet connection to tap into your church's secure website. The information and reports you need are at your fingertips, even when the meeting is far from your desktop.ConnectNow Church Accounting eliminates the need for software programs and updates, saving time and money while it boosts efficiency. Plus, you'll never have to back up your database—LOGOS does it for you so your figures will always be up to date

Ledger and Payables:

  • Provides flexible account structure for customized chart of accounts and reports
  • Simplified budgeting process with department worksheets and Excel® import/export
  • Meets Financial Accounting Standards (FASB117) requirements
  • Uses true fund accounting designed for churches
  • Satisfied all your church departments' needs with its versatile reporting system


The ConnectNow Ledger & Payables system lets me fully support my New Jersey parish from my office in North Carolina. And because the system is Web-hosted, parish staff can log in and get exactly the information they need at any time. In our previous system, they had to call me with every question. ConnectNow offers us a secure yet highly collaborative environment for church accounting.

Jeanne Colpits, St. David the King Parish

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